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Christian Bode
Managing Director

How can I achieve and move even more for my customers? This question has occupied Christian Bode for a long time - until he finds the right answer in 2012 and founds the Bode Planungsgesellschaft für Energieeffizienz. Initially, the state-certified technician for heating, ventilation and air conditioning technology was still a little irritated when someone called him "boss". But today he simply understands this as a short form of "the one who holds everything together and drives it forward".

Competencies & interests: State-certified technician for heating, ventilation and air conditioning technology / certified energy consultant for residential and non-residential buildings / BAFA-listed energy auditor / thermograph / guitarist / dog owner / camping fan

Contact: +49 (0) 251 674487-0;, Subject: Head Office

Sandra Fischer Dipl.-Ing.
Assistance to the Management Board

Without her, it would probably be much more difficult for Christian Bode to hold together and drive his company forward. After all, Sandra Fischer, in addition to personnel, bookkeeping and controlling, has far more than "when", "who" and "where" in mind for him: The graduate engineer (FH) with a focus on environmental technology is just as adept at dealing with the "how?" in project work. Multitasking meets multitalent - just typical Bode Planungsgesellschaft.

Competencies & Interests: Personnel / accounting / controlling / energy consulting for residential buildings / skiing / cycling

Contact: +49 (0) 251 674487-0;, Subject: Head Office

Jan Ortmann M.Eng.
Manager Central Area

Practice meets science. This as well is typical for the company and is brought to the point by Jan Ortmann in an exemplary manner. For him as a Master of Engineering in the field of energy technology, he has gained research knowledge - which he uses practically and productively for his work in the areas of IT, quality management and controlling. Thus he expertly and competently manages the central division of Bode Planungsgesellschaft and ensures the smooth development and operation of the business.

Competencies & Interests: Energy technology / energy consulting / research / provision of operating resources / controlling / quality management / IT / aerospace technology / photography / beer brewing / wine pressing

Contact: +49 (0) 251 674487-0;, Subject: Head Office

Marcel Stüer M.Eng.
Business Development

Development, that is Marcel Stüer's keyword: After training as a technical draftsman, he single-mindedly continued his ambitions in environmental and climate protection with the Master of Engineering in Environmental Engineering. After having successfully built up the Industry, Trade & Commerce division as head of department, he is now responsible for business development at Bode Planungsgesellschaft - and now ensures effective project progress in all business areas on a daily basis. According to the motto: follow developments and develop success.

Competencies & Interests: BAFA and KfW listed energy consultant / Energy consulting for non-residential buildings of local authorities (BAFA) / Subsidies for new construction and renovation of energy-efficient real estate or plant engineering / Technology focus on waste heat / Energy audits according to DIN EN 16247-1 / Introduction of DIN EN ISO 50001 / Brewing / Sports (football, jogging, fitness, squash)

Contact: +49 (0) 251 674487-0;, Subject: Head Office

Alexander Lückge B.Eng.
Business Unit Manager, Department Private Customers

The concerns of private clients are always a highly personal concern for Alexander Lückge. As a skilled and comprehensively trained central heating and ventilation installer, he knows first-hand what is important here: flexibility, tact, professional competence and trust. The certified sales engineer combines all of this with many years of professional experience with a renowned German boiler manufacturer - which makes him your perfect consultant in all matters of heating optimisation.

Competencies & Interests: Support in applying for all relevant subsidy programmes in the field of new construction and renovation / energy consulting / climbing / guitar

Contact: +49 (0) 251 674487-0;, Subject: Private

Stefan Langner B.Eng.
Head of Department Technical Building Equipment

The professional competence in the Bode team is not only in-depth - it can also be used nationwide: Stefan Langner heads the department of technical equipment planning from the Lippstadt location. The trained central heating and ventilation constructor and engineer specialising in building services plans, develops and designs your projects - with experience, quality and vision, with strong team colleagues and with state-of-the-art technology. For state-of-the-art efficiency and success.

Competencies & Interests: TGA & Project Planning / Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Contact: +49 (0) 2941 66064-0;, Subject: TGA Lippstadt

Sebastian Rickert M.Sc.
Business Unit Manager Trade, Industry & Municipalities

As an environmental engineer, Sebastian Rickert not only attaches importance to sustainability and resource efficiency, but also to tailor-made, open-technology solutions for the customer, true to the motto "Think outside the box". He is their expert for energy efficiency for municipal and commercial properties. As head of the Commercial, Industry & Municipalities department, he is responsible for identifying energy-saving potential, supervising energy audits and energy advice for small and medium-sized enterprises, and advising on subsidies.

Skills & Interests: Energy technology / Environmentally friendly and resource-friendly construction / Utilities and waste management / Handball / Travel / Diving

Contact: +49 (0) 251 674487-0;, Subject: Trade

Felix Kunert M.Eng.
Branch Manager Ahaus

Felix Kunert, head of the Bode location Ahaus, turns every house into an A-house when it comes to outstanding TGA concepts and efficient heat supply. Because the trained system mechanic for air conditioning, sanitary and heating technology knows exactly what is important in new and existing buildings. And routinely uses and implements all means (2D, 3D and BIM) for his planning and concepts. And places its expertise at your disposal as a BAFA-listed on-site consultant - not only in Ahaus, of course.

Competencies & Interests: certified energy consultant for residential buildings / BAFA-listed energy auditor / energy inspection of air conditioning systems according to §12 EnEV / development and implementation of local heating concepts / trainer / proud dog owner

Contact: +49 (0) 2561 86718-0;, Subject: TGA Ahaus

Timm Riedel
Sales Director

Overview and foresight are decisive competencies in sales. And Timm Riedel has plenty of both. No wonder, because as an experienced master roofer he is trained to have an overall view of everything. And he brings a lot of other top qualities with him, for example his extensive specialist knowledge in the area of external building shells. In addition, his many years of experience in sales in the roofing sector have given him an excellent network in trade, craft and industry - which he, as Bode Sales Manager, uses to the benefit of all concerned.

Competencies & Interests: certified energy consultant for residential buildings / roof expert / motorbike / cooking / barbecue

Contact: +49 (0) 251 674487-0;, Subject: Sales

Karl-Heinz Rehage
Acquisition and Project Management

As a competent expert in clever customer communication, Karl-Heinz Rehage always provides cool clarity. Which not only makes him the perfect contact person for project management of building services engineering projects with a focus on HVAC systems, but he also sets the tone as head of building services engineering acquisition at Bode Planungsgesellschaft. Because the trained central heating and ventilation engineer understands your concerns - and is there to help you from the development of the concept to the performance specifications to support in construction management.

Competencies & interests: technical purchasing and sales / barbecue

Contact: +49 (0) 2941 66064-0;, Subject: TGA Lippstadt

Simon Tack B.Eng.
Electrical Project Engineer

No, Simon Tack is not under power - he masters it. The trained electronics engineer for machines and drive technology also has a degree in building systems engineering and energy efficiency in his pocket. As your contact person for electrical engineering in the TGA department, he is therefore optimally prepared for just about everything - from the planning and implementation of your building projects to Building Information Modeling (BIM).

Competencies & Interests: TGA Electrical / Building Systems Technology and Energy Efficiency / Building Information Modeling (BIM) / Travel / Music / Photography

Contact: +49 (0) 251 674487-0;, Subject: TGA Münster

Bettina Norgel Dipl.-Ing (FH)
Project Manager Planning

In order to put her training on a solid foundation, Bettina Norgel first of all repeatedly climbed onto the roof for customers. After her training as a chimney sweeper, she deepened her practical knowledge at the University of Applied Sciences and gained a lot of professional experience at a renowned German boiler manufacturer before she built up the technical department at a wholesaler for heating, ventilation and sanitary. Today, she strengthens our Lippstadt location with her diverse skills as a supply engineer in the field of technical building equipment.

Competencies & Interests: HKLS / TGA planning / supply engineering / travelling / cultivating friendships

Contact: +49 (0) 2941 66064-0;, Subject: TGA Lippstadt

Kevin Tillmann
Energy Consultant Private Clients

Always in a good mood and on the road on your behalf: Kevin Tillmann is our man for on-site appointments at your home. The trained system mechanic for air conditioning, plumbing and heating technology supports our private customer department in Münster with great know-how and dedication - and is your contact person for the calculations of hydraulic balances as well as for the preparation of energy assessments of buildings.

Competencies & Interests: Hydraulic balancing / energy certificates / energy evaluations of buildings / sports / skating

Contact: +49 (0) 251 674487-0;, Subject: Private

Nils-Erik Glarmin
Technical System Planner

First training as a plant mechanic (specialising in heating, ventilation and sanitation), then state technician examination (specialising in heating, ventilation and air conditioning technology), then training certificate (AdA-Schein) Today (and tomorrow), Nils-Erik Glarmin (Lippstadt site) is responsible for the preparation of drawings (detailed and precise) of the trades heating, cooling, ventilation and sanitation up to (smooth and goal-oriented) implementation planning (to be continuously supplemented).

Competencies & Interests: TGA system planning / sports / skiing / travel

Contact: +49 (0) 2941 66064-0;, Subject: TGA Lippstadt

Sebastian Elak B.Eng.
Building Physics

Physics is the natural science that studies fundamental phenomena of nature. Sebastian Elak is the civil engineer in the Bode private customer department who investigates all aspects of building physics relating to your building. For example with thermographic images and air tightness measurements. And with much more, especially with broad-based expertise - after all, he completed his master's degree with a specialisation in environment and infrastructure.

Competencies & Interests: Blower-Door - Expert / Thermograph / New building / Reconstruction / Bicycle / Nature

Contact: +49 (0) 251 674487-0;, Subject: Private

Katharina Oelerich M.Eng.
Project Engineer

Katharina Oelerich is from the Münsterland region: A-levels in Ahaus, Master in Steinfurt (Münster University of Applied Sciences, industrial engineering, technical management with specialisation in energy technology) and then project engineer in Ahaus near Bode. And last but not least, she is your contact person for questions about subsidy programmes, the energy management system according to DIN EN ISO 50001, energy audits and energy consulting for medium-sized companies.

Competencies & Interests: energy audits: Data analysis, on-site consulting / energy management / energy technology / Taebo / hiking

Contact: +49 (0) 2561 86718-0;, Subject: TGA Ahaus

Jan Müller M.Eng.
Project Manager

His expertise is multifaceted: Jan Müller is a trained electronics engineer for energy and building technology and a master's degree in "Energy-efficient and sustainable construction". He has worked as a technical officer in BAFA's funding programme for cross-sectional technologies. He supports you in the concept development of the energetic optimization of production processes and in the holistic field of non-residential buildings. And he is your expert for the application of subsidies in the commercial and industrial sector.

Competencies & Interests: thermal building simulation / energy concepts / sports / music / bass

Contact: +49 (0) 251 674487-0;, Subject: Trade

Tim Bewer
Tim Bewer M.Eng.
Project Engineer

In Tim Bewer's case, highly qualified means that he began his career with an apprenticeship as a chimney sweep. Appropriately, he then went (!) to university to do his bachelor's degree in energy, building and environmental technology. Highly motivated, he added a Master's degree in "Technical Management of Energy, Building and Environmental Technology" (!). It is a great pleasure to know that he is now a project engineer at Bode, responsible for the handling of technical building services projects, in particular the trades of heating, air conditioning, ventilation and sanitary engineering, at the Münster site.

Competencies & Interests: Energy and building services engineering / music

Contact: +49 (0) 251 674487-0;, Subject: TGA Münster

Karolin Wortmann
Technical Draftswoman

Karolin Wortmann is distinguished above all by her talent for getting to the heart of things. Or to the line. Or to the square. Or to highly complex technical visualizations. Already in her student days (computer visualistics and design) she developed her corresponding skills. Then she completed an apprenticeship as technical system planner (specialising in supply and equipment technology) - and today she supports the Bode team in Lippstadt as technical draftswoman for TGA system planning. Excellent by the way.

Competencies & Interests: TGA system planning / literature / pen&paper

Contact: +49 (0) 2941 66064-0;, Subject: TGA Lippstadt

Lucas Börner M.Eng.
Project Engineer Private Clients

If it's about money: Lucas Börner. As a trained industrial clerk, he also uses his sound fiscal expertise to provide you with individual advice when applying for subsidies. And the fact that he completed a master's degree in "Energy-efficient and sustainable building" after completing his commercial training is of course a huge help in this regard. As an employee of Bode's private customer department, the project engineer is therefore your all-round contact person on the subject of "Energy-efficient construction and refurbishment".

Competencies & interests: Applying for subsidies

Contact: +49 (0) 251 674487-0;, Subject: Private

Heiko Ströer M.Sc.
Project Engineer

Civil engineering, building physics, Bochum, bachelor, Bode, building owner consulting. However, Heiko Ströer is much more flexible than the range of these B-handles would suggest. Because he also has a master's degree - from the Bochum University of Applied Sciences - and as an expert in our private customer department, he supports you in all building physics questions in the area of new construction and renovation. B-impressive, isn't it?

Competencies & interests: Building physics / applying for subsidies / travel / football / fitness

Contact: +49 (0) 251 674487-0;, Subject: Private

Fabian Krüskemper
Project Engineer

As a trained plant mechanic for sanitary, heating and air conditioning technology (Münster public utility company), Fabian Krüskemper will expertly spell out all facets of the subject of HVAC systems for you. And as a bachelor's graduate in energy, building and environmental technology (Münster University of Applied Sciences, specialising in building services engineering), he also covers all aspects of HVAC planning for new and existing buildings. And so that everything is covered by Z, he also has a training certificate.

Competencies & interests: Technical building services planning / cycling / marathon / football

Contact: +49 (0) 251 674487-0;, Subject: TGA Münster

Robert Fritz B.Eng.
Project Engineer

A four-month research internship in Colombia was part of his bachelor's degree at Münster University of Applied Sciences (Energy Technology). Afterwards he travelled further through Central America for five months - but finally and fortunately found his way to Lippstadt, where the trained electronics engineer for energy and building services engineering supports the Bode planning office in all questions of TGA planning with his broad horizon.

Competencies & Interests: TGA planning / turntablism

Contact: +49 (0) 2941 66064-0;, Subject: TGA Lippstadt

Lisa Efkemann M.Eng.
Project Engineer

According to Wikipedia, Braunschweig is "in the transition zone between the maritime climate in the west and the continental climate in the east". Perhaps this is the reason for the interest of Lisa Efkemann, who was born in Braunschweig, in the course of studies in environmental engineering (Bachelor's degree) with a focus on modelling for climate change adaptation (Master's degree). In any case, she is now your Bode expert in Münster for flood protection, rainwater management and heavy rainfall prevention - and a whole host of other topics.

Competencies & Interests: DWA-certified specialist planner for heavy rainfall prevention / concept development of the energetic optimisation of production processes / geothermal energy / flood protection / water body renaturation / painting / learning languages / baking

Contact: +49 (0) 251 674487-0;, Subject: Trade

Dennis Busert
Technical System Planner Electrical

He is a trained office administrator. He was a commercial clerk. He knows about agricultural machinery. He worked in the electrical trade. He discovered his passion for electrical engineering. Learned the trade from scratch. Today he supports the Bode TGA team in Münster. He is responsible for the electrical planning up to the implementation planning. He is our man for your electrical success: Dennis Busert!

Competencies & Interests: Electrical engineering / Sport shooting / Hunting / Motorcycle

Contact: +49 (0) 251 674487-0;, Subject: TGA Münster

Felix Flieger
Project Engineer

Every day Felix makes his way from the resort of Billerbeck to Ahaus. His success story began in the Baumbergen mountains as a plant mechanic for sanitary, heating and air conditioning technology. He then expanded his knowledge with further training to become a state-approved technician. As a fly-over technician, he plans and draws the technical building equipment of new and existing buildings at the Bode location Ahaus with his natural calmness and love of detail.

Competencies & Interests: HLS planning / mountain biking / swimming

Contact: +49 (0) 2561 86718-0;, Subject: TGA Ahaus

Pascal Schad B.Sc.
Project Engineer

To the layman it sounds like Star Trek, but "photonics" is actually a field of applied electrical engineering. And Pascal Schad's specialty, in which he has a bachelor's degree. With this and with his experience in the field of lighting planning and consulting, he provides for bright joy in the TGA department at the Ahaus location. And for the fact that many a customer regularly sees the light.

Competencies & Interests: Electrical planning / lighting planning and consulting / model flying

Contact: +49 (0) 2561 86718-0;, Subject: TGA Ahaus

Dimitri Stoll B.Eng.
Project Engineer

A story with a happy end - told by Dimitri Stoll himself:

"It all began with the training as a plant mechanic SHK. Half a year later I trained as a state-certified HVAC technician. The curiosity to better understand the technical processes drove me to Steinfurt to the FH, where I completed my engineering studies and worked as a research assistant. About three years ago I took the opportunity to become a teacher for TGA and control engineering at a vocational college. After some time I realized that I wanted to do more technically demanding tasks again - and applied for a job at Bode".

Competencies & Interests: TGA planning and energy saving / location Lippstadt / planning and design in the trades heating, ventilation, air conditioning and sanitary / photography

Contact: +49 (0) 2941 66064-0;, Subject: TGA Lippstadt

Robin Schulz

Robin Schulz? The Robin Schulz? Yes, of course! Who else but Robin Schulz should be meant when referring to the trainee at Bode? Robin Schulz, prospective technical systems planner specialising in supply and equipment technology. Dedicated supporter of the TGA department at the Bode site in Ahaus. A passionate motorcyclist and sportsman. What kind of music does he like to listen to? Just ask Robin Schulz yourself!

Competencies & Interests: HLS Planning / Motorcycle / Sports

Contact: +49 (0) 2561 86718-0;, Subject: TGA Ahaus

Julian Westerhorstmann
Working Student

With 15 letters, he holds the record for last names in the Bode Planungsgesellschaft. However, the reason for Julian Westerhorstmann's attitude as a working student was rather his pronounced knowledge and skills: The trained chimney sweep is currently deepening his practical knowledge at Münster University of Applied Sciences in the field of energy technology. He supports the Bode trade department two days a week in various energy consulting topics. And in his spare time as a specialist for event technology he always creates a party atmosphere.

Competences & Interests: Energy audit and energy consulting in medium-sized businesses / energy saving concepts / BAFA and KfW subsidies / gaming / cycling

Contact: +49 (0) 251 674487-0;, Subject: Trade

Dirk Becker
Planning and project management

There is almost nothing that Dirk Becker has not seen, planned or done before. After his training as an electrician, he worked for nine years in the air force as an instructor, then 16 years Europe-wide on installation as project manager electric, and then another 11 years as project manager electric with focus on PV systems and electrical planning, before he finally landed at Bode in Münster. Counted in? Exactly: Dirk Becker brings 36 years of experience to his work as a TGA planner and project manager. And a lot of good humour to boot.

Competencies & interests: PV systems / electrical planning / TGA planning / old cars (VW beetle)

Contact: +49 (0) 251 674487-0;, Subject: TGA Münster

Benjamin Gietmann
Technical System Planner

Benjamin Gietmann is a real northern lights and a pure Hamburg archetype, which does not only refer to his favourite beer. After graduating from high school in the Hanseatic city, he first went to Steinfurt to study building services engineering at the FH. Apparently he got a taste for it and then ventured even a few kilometres further southwest - and since then he has been supporting the Bode location Ahaus in the field of energy consulting and technical building services planning.

Competencies & Interests: Energy consulting and TGA planning / Fitness / Pizza

Contact: +49 (0) 2561 86718-0;, Subject: TGA Ahaus

Jörg Berkemeyer
Project Engineer Electrical

If things go well, Jörg Berkemeyer can cover the approximately eight kilometers from his home in Bad Westernkotten to the Bode location in Lippstadt topless - in his beloved Golf Cabriolet. In any case, the trained electrician for energy and building services engineering and studied building management brings a lot of brains to his work as a planner in the TGA department.

Competencies & Interests: Golf (convertible) / Schalke 04

Contact: +49 (0) 2941 66064-0;, Subject: TGA Lippstadt

Julian Rehne
Technical System Planner

Just as Julian Rehne is active in two ball sports at the same time in his free time, his professional expertise in all HKLS details is just as varied. He took up the ball in Münster with his training as a HVAC system mechanic, then strategically cleverly completed his further training as a state-certified technician specialising in heating, ventilation and air conditioning technology in Essen, and then gained valuable experience as a technical building services planner in a playful way - and today he is bringing the Bode team forward with an overview, commitment and skill.

Competences & Interests: TGA planning / HVAC / football / football

Contact: +49 (0) 251 674487-0;, Subject: TGA Münster

Jan-Philip Hoyer
Project Engineer

The East Westphalians are said to have many things. And as a loser, Jan-Philip Hoyer could certainly have a lot to say. For example, that OWL has the best motorcycle routes and handball clubs. And very excellently trained electronics technicians for energy and building services engineering and industrial engineers in the field of electrical engineering. But even his start as a TGA planner at Bode in Münster he only commented dryly with "Now I am here." But when the team answered cheerfully "Must be!", he immediately felt at home.

Competencies & Interests: TGA Planning / Handball / Motorcycle

Contact: +49 (0) 2941 66064-0;, Subject: TGA Lippstadt