Funding for medium-sized companies

Funding opportunities for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)

With individual consulting, we offer small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) an important and informative tool. Our qualified and independent consulting and concept development helps to reduce information deficits, localize energy saving potentials, realize energy savings and tap lucrative subsidies for various energy efficiency measures. The so-called "Energieberatung Mittelstand" (EBM) is also subsidised with 6,000 €.

Energy consulting medium sized businesses

The energy consultancy for small and medium-sized enterprises is designed to improve energy efficiency through independent advice and at the same time make a contribution to climate protection. In certified energy audits, savings potentials and funding opportunities are identified.

  • Systematic inspection and analysis of the company's (SME's) energy use and energy consumption
  • Objective: Identify energy impacts and the potential for energy efficiency improvements (if necessary, energy saving concepts for specific plants as a measure)
  • The grant for small and medium-sized enterprises is up to 80 % of eligible consultancy costs, including any implementation consultancy services that may be used. The maximum subsidy rate for companies with annual energy costs of over € 10,000 net amounts to € 6,000 net, and € 1,200 net for companies with annual energy costs of less than € 10,000 net.

Grants for the optimisation of technical systems

Within the scope of the energy consulting for medium-sized companies, the optimization of technical systems is also supported by BAFA with subsidies. The subsidies for SMEs for the optimisation of technical systems are granted on the basis of a company-specific concept. The replacement, renewal and new installation of cross-sectional technologies, including the technical systems in which they are integrated, are subsidised by the BAFA.

Up to 55% subsidies for companies. The following cross-sectional technologies are eligible for funding:

  • Electric motors and drives for stationary use
  • as well as their control and regulation technology (frequency converters etc.)
  • pumps for industrial and commercial applications
  • if not used in heating circuits of buildings for the supply of heating and hot water
  • Fans in ventilation systems and systems for heat recovery in ventilation and air-conditioning systems
  • Compressed air generators and heat recovery systems in compressed air generating plants
  • Heat recovery or waste heat recovery systems
  • Insulation of industrial plants or plant components

Energy saving concepts for medium-sized companies and possible subsidies

As part of an energy saving concept for SMEs, the existing system will be reviewed and compared with the ideal situation. Based on this comparison, possibilities for energy savings and potential subsidies are recommended.

  • Detailed description of the system to be optimised (comparison ACTUAL - TARGET)
  • Objective: To demonstrate the potential energy savings
  • External energy consultant is necessary if no ISO 50001 certification is available
  • Energy advice is eligible for funding

Please note that most of the subsidies must be applied for before the start of implementation (commissioning is already considered to be the start of implementation)!

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