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We are your funding experts in the field of energy efficiency! Whether new construction, new acquisition or energetic renovation of your process, subsidy programs are an important instrument to motivate companies to invest in highly efficient technologies. With our energy saving concept or energy conservation concept, potential savings are identified in your company and energy savings are realised, especially through subsidies in the form of grants. The German Federal Ministry for the Environment (BMU / BMUB) supports the investment for many efficient technologies. In the new funding programme "Energy Efficiency and Process Heat from Renewable Energies for the Economy", also known as the Industrial Programme, the previous funding from the BAFA and the KfW 295 will be combined as of 01.01.2019. Both SMEs, larger companies and municipal enterprises can apply for funding nationwide.

Identify and use subsidies

With individual energy consulting and an energy saving concept, we offer small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) - but also larger companies - an important and informative tool: Our qualified and independent subsidy consulting and concept development helps to reduce information deficits, recognize energy saving potentials, realize energy savings and ultimately generate subsidies.

Your funding QuickCheck!

The free subsidy check of our employees in the trade department will help you to find the right subsidy programme for your energy efficiency measure. Simply fill in the adjacent questions, ideally with a current offer. Within a short period of time, you will be able to find your way through the jungle of subsidies, including the appropriate programme (KfW, BAFA or others) and the expected amount of subsidy!

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Your advantages in the cooperation with a listed energy consultant:

  • Funding assessment and taking over the application process
  • Up to 200.000 € investment grant for your highly efficient plant
  • Listing of the energy consultant qualified to grant subsidies

Funding for energy efficiency improvements

In the new support programme Energy Efficiency and Process Heat from Renewable Energies, also known as the Industrial Programme, the previous support from BAFA and KfW for the economy will be combined as of 01.01.2019. The Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW Programme 295) and the BAFA have already supported small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), but also large companies, with various promotional offers on the subject of energy efficiency and renewable energies in the past. However, the new combined promotional offer creates more opportunities for energy optimisation and supports them with a higher promotional amount of up to 30 % to 45 % in the form of non-repayable grants for large enterprises and 40 % to 55 % for small and medium-sized enterprises.

As this funding is valid from the beginning of January, the programmes of KfW (including KfW 294/494) and BAFA (including QST - cross-sectional technologies) will be discontinued on 31 December 2018. Commercial and municipal enterprises as well as freelancers and contractors are still eligible to apply, regardless of their turnover size. The investments in plant and process modernisation are divided into four funding modules:

Module 1: Cross section technologies

Within the framework of the optimisation of technical systems, the replacement, renewal and new installation of cross-sectional technologies, including the technical systems in which they are integrated, are subsidised by BAFA on the basis of a company-specific concept.

The following types of cross-sectional technologies are eligible for funding:

  • Electric motors and drives
  • Ventilation systems
  • Air Compressors
  • Heat recovery and waste heat recovery systems (ovens)
  • Pump systems
  • Insulation of industrial plants or plant components
  • Extraction systems
  • Spray booths

In addition, the new installation of the above-mentioned cross-sectional technologies, including the plant components required for integration into a technical system, will be supported.

KfW provides a repayment grant of up to 40% of the eligible costs, and up to 30% for non-SMEs. BAFA provides a grant without loans. The funding regime is either under the de minimis regulation or under the AGVO (Art. 38). A maximum of 200,000 € per location is subsidised.

Module 2: Process heat supply from renewable energies

This measure promotes the supply of process heat from the following plants:

  • Biomass plants
  • Solar collectors
  • Heat pumps

In addition, costs for installed measuring and data acquisition devices for yield monitoring and error detection, as well as costs for integrating the system into an existing process can also be subsidised.

Funding is available in the form of a (redemption) grant of up to 45% of the eligible costs, or with an SME bonus plus 10%. The funding regime is either the de minimis regulation or according to AGVO (Art. 41). A maximum of € 10 million will be funded under this scheme.

Module 3: Measurement and control technology and sensor technology

In the third module the purchase and installation of MSR technology (measurement and control technology) and sensor technology is subsidised. Energy management software is also subsidised, as is training by third parties.

Subsidies of up to 40% of the eligible costs, non-SMEs up to 30%, are provided via a redemption grant. The funding regime is either the de minimis regulation or according to AGVO (Art. 38). A maximum of € 10 million will be funded.

Module 4: Energy-related optimization of plants and processes

In the fourth module, intensive measures for energy optimisation to reduce energy consumption are promoted. This means the following measures of industrial and commercial processes in companies:

  • Waste heat utilisation
  • Avoidance of energy losses in the production process
  • Process heat/cold from an energy-efficient supply
  • Building systems engineering
  • Conversion to efficient technologies and energetic optimisation of production processes

Contact Persons

Jan Müller M.Eng.
Project Manager

His expertise is multifaceted: Jan Müller is a trained electronics engineer for energy and building technology and a master's degree in "Energy-efficient and sustainable construction". He has worked as a technical officer in BAFA's funding programme for cross-sectional technologies. He supports you in the concept development of the energetic optimization of production processes and in the holistic field of non-residential buildings. And he is your expert for the application of subsidies in the commercial and industrial sector.

Competencies & Interests: thermal building simulation / energy concepts / sports / music / bass

Contact: +49 (0) 251 674487-0;, Subject: Trade

Marcel Stüer M.Eng.
Business Development

Development, that is Marcel Stüer's keyword: After training as a technical draftsman, he single-mindedly continued his ambitions in environmental and climate protection with the Master of Engineering in Environmental Engineering. After having successfully built up the Industry, Trade & Commerce division as head of department, he is now responsible for business development at Bode Planungsgesellschaft - and now ensures effective project progress in all business areas on a daily basis. According to the motto: follow developments and develop success.

Competencies & Interests: BAFA and KfW listed energy consultant / Energy consulting for non-residential buildings of local authorities (BAFA) / Subsidies for new construction and renovation of energy-efficient real estate or plant engineering / Technology focus on waste heat / Energy audits according to DIN EN 16247-1 / Introduction of DIN EN ISO 50001 / Brewing / Sports (football, jogging, fitness, squash)

Contact: +49 (0) 251 674487-0;, Subject: Head Office

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Please note that most of the subsidies must be applied for before the start of implementation (commissioning is already considered to be the start of implementation)!

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