Ventilating & Air-Conditioning Systems

Ventilating & Air-Conditioning Systems

People spend most of the day in closed rooms. Overheated rooms, stale air and pollutants can lead to illness.

Due to the increasing demands on the air-tightness of the building envelope, the natural air exchange rate is constantly being reduced. At many workplaces (e.g. workshops, open-plan offices), the pollution caused by poor air quality is particularly high. Here it is imperative to improve the indoor air quality with the support of ventilation systems.

In addition to ensuring high indoor air quality, ventilation and air-conditioning technology offers further advantages. The demand for systems that enable both heating and cooling has increased considerably in recent years. This applies to office buildings as well as residential buildings. This demand can be met perfectly by using the appropriate technology.

The increase in efficiency through heat recovery is another advantage of using ventilation systems.

You benefit from

  • High air quality with maximum efficiency
  • User-independent moisture protection
  • Guaranteed air exchange despite airtight building envelope

We offer

  • Coordinated total package - heating, cooling and ventilation technology
  • Ventilation concepts for residential and non-residential buildings
  • Advice on the available funding programmes